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They say you can’t change who your family is, but sometimes it is a must for some people. Those who have been abandoned, abused, or shunned often make their own. That should be acceptable in our society, but for some reason, it is not. In other cultures, their family is united, regardless of whether they have to start their own, or keep the ones they have. It is not an obligation by any means to keep the ones around who have done them wrong, or enforce unethical or amoral traditions to cause them harm. If a family member needs help, it is given without expectation to repay them back. In America, however, it is not as common.

Family abuse is often overlooked and ignored. Those who run away or attempt to escape, are punished because “It’s your family.” If someone does not treat you as a human being, then– in all honesty–you deserve a better home. I’m not talking about two sibling arguing over the television remote, or a father disciplining a child for acting out at the grocery store.  Not even the occasional fight during a family-owned business. I’m talking about the lifelong emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse a child endures. Not only by the parents (uncles/aunts, grandparents, and the adult cousin), but their own siblings as well. Abuse is abuse, no matter who it comes from. There are even instances where it is the parent or guardian in the family being abused by the child. There is no excuse to ignore an abuse victim asking for help by confiding in you to tell you what is going on. By the end of the day, it is not your say to tell the abused to ‘get over it’ because the abuser is also your family. Nor is it yours to make decisions for the abused to forgive and ‘act’ like family again because they’re related by blood.

You can not erase or weep their pain– their trails and tribulations–under the rug because they’re family. Trauma can affect a person’s life forever. No amount of strength, therapy, or drugs can ever make it disappear. For those who can or are privileged to have a great family (either by choice or birth), then you keep those people closest to you. They are there to help you develop or grow as an individual, to be your guide or wise teacher, and be your cheerleader. Just as you are there to be theirs. If you know someone who is not as fortunate as you are, you are still family to them, and you let that be known. All it takes is love, compassion, and understanding. That alone may not be much, but to someone else, it is everything.


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Love is different for everyone, but never let it be anything less. You are who you are, don’t let anyone change you to fit their needs. Love is not one-sided nor is it for the benefit of one partner, regardless of sexual orientation, race, status of wealth, religion, or gender identity. It is an understanding between two people through the thick and thin. It is compassion for one another to help them reach a goal. If one has to better themselves, than so should you. Learn from one another, and help whenever the need arises.

It is not just about finding a physical, romantic relationship. The physical is a minor need under the short-term infatuation, rather than the long-term commitment. You shouldn’t have to be obligated to give, and neither should your body be freely given. It is your temple, and you should care for the self first.  It does not matter whether you find it hard to love yourself, or you are narcissistic and vain about your appearance. You should always come first. Your state of well-being is not something to take lightly. You may feel alone, and you may feel that you must have someone, but take the time to find real companionship. Don’t you settle for less because you feel inadequate to find a piece of mind or you have a mental illness. Find the circle of people who are willing to challenge you. Find something new to challenge yourself, even if it is just a project. When you feel like you just can not handle a relationship, take the time to adventure someplace. Even if it is just the day at the library.

It does not, however, give you the right of way to cheat. Neither is it the right of way to allow a toxic, abusive relationship to fester. At the end of the day, life is about bonding with one another while we’re still living. One day, you will find yourself taken surprised because something wonderful has happened. Marriage, children, pets, or an opportunity to live a blissful life of travel among friends.

Food for Thought

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Peace and good fortune to you.

The end of the week is near good Friday. Think back to the beginning of the week, and remember the past week’s struggle. You can never forget what’s done in the past– that is your future. Let that not be your burden nor your weapon. What is it that you have done to improve your future; to make that next step in life? Whether is is big or small, do not rush your time. It is small and one day, you may regret it when you look back into your life.  You want to be able to look back upon it, knowing just before you leave this Earth, that you have fulfilled your purpose in life. There is only one chance in life, so ask yourself this: how do you want to look back on yours?

Until the next time, live, laugh, and love.

Change is Here and Near

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Peace and good fortune to you.

Today is a fresh new week. A week for coming together to spill our thoughts and share our feelings. It is a time to come together and understand that we are all human. Mistakes will be made, but it is not the mistakes we’ve made, but the lessons we’ve learnt.

Until the next time, live, laugh, and love.

A Stepping Stone

Peace and good evening to everyone!

I would like to start off by saying: this week has been long and hard. Our communities– the minority –in America has been devastated by the election results. Now is the time for us to really stand and pull together as a united front. Hate crimes have sprung up since the night of Donald Trump’s elect, and every life in our community is in jeopardy: our Muslims, Latinos, and blacks.  I may have not brought attention to everyone, but I do want you to know that your lives are important.  Stay safe because we will survive this. Travel together, keep your phones on, and use your right as Americans.

Just like Obama says, “No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning.”

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