My name is Willie P. Edwards Jr. and I am the founder of Willie P. Edwards Jr. Enterprise.  My goal is to empower boys and young men through education and transformation.  Although what I have to share is for any young man, I have a special interest in Black young men.  I know what it’s like as a Black man trying to make in America.Williepic1

The biggest disparity between Black men and ‘all men’ in America is with those who have a bachelors degree. Only 17% of Black men have a bachelors degreecompared to 30% of ‘all men’. Second is the number of Black men who finished high school but did not pursue higher education, 35% compared to 28% of ‘all men’.

The percent of Black men who have an associates degree (7%) is equal to that of ‘all men’ (7%) in America (see above table). Only 18% of Black men over 25 did not complete high school. This is still higher than the percent for men of all races and ethnic groups together. More about Education…


Black Male Occupations

African American males ages 16 to 64 had a lower participation rate in the labor force (67%) compared to ‘all males’ (80%) (see below table). Labor force participation refers to the percent of men who were either working or looking for work. Males not in the labor force include those who may be full time students, disabled, and others who are not looking or gave up looking for employment for other reasons.

Did you know that 18 to 24 year old’s are the fastest growing age group filing for bankruptcy? The struggles of the economy have put heavy emphasis on the importance of educating today’s youth towards preparing for a secure financial future. By promoting education, establishing how to make smart choices and understanding business and basic financial principles, will ensure that young men of today have the tools for success to achieve a prosperous tomorrow.