Three Things You Need To Know About WillieWilliepicbrown

  • He grew up in an urban neighborhood
  • He graduated from the Hard Knock University
  • He always wanted to be an actor.

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.  I’ve done a lot in my life including hard time in lock-up.  Because of my hard knock life I’ve also learned a lot that I want to share with others, especially young men who may be going down the wrong path.  I always wanted to be an actor, but where I come from no one was there to guide me.  Most of the people from the neighborhood was just trying to survive.  I did my time and against all odds I have been able to move forward and turn my life around.  I got my degree, I am a transformational speaker  and I am working on my first book, “Blacks Are Sometimes Right.”

If you want a high energy person to come out and speak at your next event, I’m your guy.  I have a story to share that will empower, uplift and transform the minds of people.  To contact me: