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Love is different for everyone, but never let it be anything less. You are who you are, don’t let anyone change you to fit their needs. Love is not one-sided nor is it for the benefit of one partner, regardless of sexual orientation, race, status of wealth, religion, or gender identity. It is an understanding between two people through the thick and thin. It is compassion for one another to help them reach a goal. If one has to better themselves, than so should you. Learn from one another, and help whenever the need arises.

It is not just about finding a physical, romantic relationship. The physical is a minor need under the short-term infatuation, rather than the long-term commitment. You shouldn’t have to be obligated to give, and neither should your body be freely given. It is your temple, and you should care for the self first.  It does not matter whether you find it hard to love yourself, or you are narcissistic and vain about your appearance. You should always come first. Your state of well-being is not something to take lightly. You may feel alone, and you may feel that you must have someone, but take the time to find real companionship. Don’t you settle for less because you feel inadequate to find a piece of mind or you have a mental illness. Find the circle of people who are willing to challenge you. Find something new to challenge yourself, even if it is just a project. When you feel like you just can not handle a relationship, take the time to adventure someplace. Even if it is just the day at the library.

It does not, however, give you the right of way to cheat. Neither is it the right of way to allow a toxic, abusive relationship to fester. At the end of the day, life is about bonding with one another while we’re still living. One day, you will find yourself taken surprised because something wonderful has happened. Marriage, children, pets, or an opportunity to live a blissful life of travel among friends.